Tired of feeling like your systems are utter chaos?

Helping coaches, online entrepreneurs and small ag producers automate your business, save you time so you can focus on the things you love.

You've had that spark of inspiration...

the dream that keeps you up at night, and now it's time to take action.

Maybe you have taken some action but it's left you FEELING LOST IN THE TECHNICAL MAZE...Funnels? automations? IT ALL MAKES YOUR HEAD SPIN!

Have you spent countless hours testing different strategies and tools, only to end up with no results?

Do you have a CRM setup? If so, is it effectively nurturing leads and convert them into paying customers?

You are in the right place if YOU ARE...

  • Tired of juggling multiple apps and programs for your business

  • Overwhelmed with the complexity of managing different tools

  • Ready to streamline your business operations and save time and money

Ready to skip the manual checklist and get straight to the action?

Let me handle the setup for you! Whether you need a high-converting funnel or a fully customized website , I've got you covered.


Tech and Business Systems can be confusing and overwhelming. That's where I come in!

Not set up in Go High Level? No worries!



Are you struggling to manage multiple systems and tools for your online business? Spending countless hours trying to piece together different software solutions? Feeling overwhelmed with the technical aspects of setting up your website, membership area, funnels, and automations?



Whether you're starting from scratch or already set up in a CRM, The Herd Collective: Systems to Scale will help you build a profitable and streamlined online presence that you're 100% proud of and actually understand how to use.

INCLUDED Inside is a
14-Day FREE Trial of the FG Funnels the CRM I personally use!

(did you know fg funnels is white labels High Level?)

I'm handing you my secret weapon to organizing my biz…

my checklist for Enhanced & Efficient CRM System, that has been proven to help set up & organize multiple businesses with ease!

Whether you're looking to optimize your current setup or seeking a reliable step-by-step guide, this resource will empower you to build an efficient and enhanced system! featuring FG Funnels (link included)



Farm Girl, Army Wife, Boy Mom, and Aspiring Homesteader/Rancher

Hey there! I’m Luvyna and I LOVE helping agriculture-based businesses by taking all the tech setup and maintenance tasks off their plates so they can get back to what they love doing in their business.

With a background in Agriculture, Bachelor's in Business Management, and 5+ years in Team & Project Management, I discovered my passion for organizing business processes and maximizing your profit AND impact through high-level strategy, and efficient, streamlined systems. If you’re an established agriculture-based business that struggles to keep up and scale in today’s modern online world, Then I’m your girl!

I grew up on a small farm/ranch operation in Kansas, where my father raises Angus/Hereford cattle. After traveling around the world with the Army for the last seven years. We have settled down near family and started our own little homestead with our two boys, three dogs, chickens, cows, and whatever other livestock I bring home. Follow me on Instagram @mantleandco to follow along on our homesteading journey!


"She is highly organized, attentive and talented."

"Luvyna has been a tremendous help to our small but mighty marketing team. She is highly organized, attentive and talented. Luvyna does a variety of tasks for me and pretty much any random thing I throw her way. Not only does she go above and beyond on all tasks, but she also does them in a timely manner, often way before they are due. I truly enjoy working with Luvyna because she's positive, kind, and professional. I'd highly recommend her if you are looking for someone who can do many different tasks with amazing efficiency."

-J. Fisher

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